One K Concert in Manila


*screaming bias’ name/group*

The arena was full of fans from different places and we’re excited to see our idols and hear their voice. I really can’t believe that this is happening. As a K-Pop fangirl, it’s a dream come true.


This is our first K-Pop concert together (with my friend) and we were prepared weeks before. My friend, Daze was so prepared that she downloaded the songs of CN Blue and listen to it everyday. Obviously she’s Boice (CNB’s fanclub). Actually, she first asked me to watch the concert and I said YES right away even though I’m not that avid fan of CNB and other artists — AOA, BAP, BTOB, SHINee, Psy and B1A4 but I like them too, I listened to their songs. I’m proud Primadonna (FT ISLAND’s Fanclub). I have KPop playlist on spotify and I listen to it everyday not because of the One K Concert but it’s been my hobby. I’ve been a fan since 2009 because of FT Island (Bad Woman days) and K-drama fan because of Goong (Princess Hours) aired in Abs-cbn.

Daze and I left the house after lunch and we’re caught in a traffic. We used google to search what jeepney/mrt/lrt’s route to take because we’re not experts in terms of transportation in Manila (we’re from the province). We arrived in SM Moa and other fans were already there. If you haven’t prepared stuffs for the concert like light stick, banner, headband, poster, etc, you can buy it on the day of the concert because there were some people who sell those merchandise. There were also who sell concert tickets but I don’t know if it’s legit 😁. Okay, back to my story, we roamed around the mall to kill time— we even watched Kung Fu Yoga ’cause we’re tired from walking around and we’re little sleepy (we slept late, I think its 1am, the night before). We got back to the arena and it was already crowded with fans waiting for the artists to come in. They were screaming when a van passed by assuming it was the artists’ van 😁. We’re so excited!

We entered the arena at around 6pm and took pictures. We saw groups of fans having fun and we’re like ‘yeah, there’s only the two of us’. We’re a little left out but we managed to enjoy the moment, we took picture of ourselves and laughed at our own jokes.

The moment. The time of our lives. Finally, the concert started and the first group to perform was——————————————


I was like “B.A.P!!! B.A.P!!!! Jong Up!!!” We were screaming at the top of our lungs while we’re standing and waving our hands. They sang Sky Dive, No Mercy and we were singing their songs specifically the english part. Unexpectedly, my friend, Daze, she go with the flow because I thought she’ll just scream for CN Blue only, her only bias. She was screaming too joining the hype. When I asked her about it, she answered “They’re handsome that’s why I’m screaming” and that made us laugh.


The next artists performed, so on and so forth. When Minho and Seolhyun announced the next performers, the fans were screaming and waving their light sticks.

CN BLUE!!!!!!

We jumped and scream our loudest screams most especially, Daze. WaAaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Yong Hwa! Jung Shin! Min Hyuk! Jong Hyun!

The boys looked like politicians because of their formal outfit unlike other artists. They said that Yong Hwa was the congressman, Jong Hyun was the senator. The best fan service award goes to Jung Yong Hwa.

I don’t know how to write all the details but it was so so so DAEBAK!!!! We really enjoyed the concert even though we’re very far from stage. We saw how beautiful the green and blue sea of light sticks of different fandoms. If I were to choose whick ticket to buy— SVIP (standing/seated), VIP, Upperbox, Lower box or General admission, I will choose SVIP standing or Gen Ad. In SVIP standing you can have skinship with your idols, have a good look on them up close, and they can even hear you saying “saranghae *insert bias name*”, and also you can make eye contact with them, see them smile at you. If you want to watch the *fandom’s color*, choose Gen Ad.


We were screaming and screaming, waving our hands and sing along with them (all the artists/groups).


The after effect of the concert

– sore throat

– hoarse voice

– still in cloud nine

– post concert depression